Understanding Shunga: A Guide to Japanese Erotic Art ISBN 978 1 904989 54 7, Erotic Review Books, 2008

  Japanese shunga prints occupy a unique place in the history of art. They form a populist, frank, and aesthetically superlative erotic tradition. Until relatively recently, western moral standards concealed the delights of shunga prints from audiences outside Japan. MASTERCLASS SHUNGA cuts through myth and misunderstanding to present  the  essence  of  this art  form,  removing  the  mystery […]


Patrick Scott: Image Space Light at IMMA Dublin and VISUAL, Carlow

Last week saw the opening, in two phases and locations, of a major retrospective of the work of Ireland’s foremost modernist artist, Patrick Scott. Intended as a celebration of the senior artist’s achievements, it has inadvertently become a memorial following Scott’s unexpected death between the two openings, on Valentine’s day. On Tuesday at the VISUAL […]


Modern Art Asia

Modern Art Asia is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of modern and contemporary Asian art, available online, in print, and in a variety of ebook formats.Founded by doctoral scholars of Asian art in 2009, Modern Art Asia is a forum for postgrads and ECRs to exchange research. For many of our contributors, it represents their first […]